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Nonprofits are a key focus of Borland Benefield, making up a considerable portion of the firm’s client base. But outside of business, many Borland Benefield associates choose to be members of nonprofits because the mission and core values of the organizations integrate with their personal and professional values.

Terri Lynn Wallace, Manager of the Nonprofit Audit Group at Borland Benefield, exemplifies such integrity through her involvement in the Junior League of Birmingham (JLB), having served as their Vice President of Finance in the past and currently as the JLB’s Scholarship Chair. 

About the JLB

The JLB is open to all women and is designed to give its members the skills needed to create positive change in their communities. A variety of strengths can be honed through JLB membership, such as leadership skills, a drive to create change, and traits needed for skilled and effective voluntarism. Since 1922, the JLB has been a way for its 2,300-plus women members to impact Birmingham and surrounding communities.

“Originally,” Terri Lynn says, “I became interested in the JLB for the social aspect. After joining, and after nine years of volunteering and community outreach, I have come to understand that the Junior League is more about improving yourself, your community  and the causes you care about in equal measure.”

The JLB provides support to dozens of charities in the Birmingham area, including addiction recovery centers, Girls, Incorporated, Impact America, East Lake Initiative, anti-human trafficking programs, Diaper Bank, Backpack Buddies and numerous hot-button issues. Ironically, JLB also supports SaveFirst, a charity that provides free tax preparation services for those in need.

Easy? No. Rewarding? Definitely.

Throughout her work with the JLB, Terri Lynn admits she didn’t realize how much time volunteering would require, but she has come to see the rewards. “Volunteering isn’t easy. It requires sacrifice as you have to take time away from work and family to volunteer for your community. What makes the sacrifice a little easier is the community and the people whom the JLB serves.”

When you can make a difference in people’s lives, or even just their day, that makes it worth it. I have a 6-year-old daughter and I hope one day she can see how important it is to help those in need. I hope that maybe the sacrifices I can make will leave a small imprint on her and will encourage her to be a leader in everything she does and inspire her to help people that don’t have the means to help themselves.”

Impact Through Helping Hands

Despite the dedication needed, Terri Lynn wouldn’t trade her time with the JLB for anything. “The JLB has not only had an impact on the Birmingham Community for 100 years, but it also has an impact on my life as well. I have met extraordinary women who are passionate about community service and are inspiring leaders who want to make the world a better place. My service in the Junior League has shaped the way I lead as a manager at Borland Benefield as well as a leader in other nonprofits that I volunteer for, including the Brookwood Forest PTO and the Junior Women’s Committee of 100.” 

Nothing worth doing is easy, but this just means that difficult things attract people with the drive to overcome challenges. Terri Lynn and the other members of the JLB understand that problems need to be addressed to make Birmingham communities the best they can be.

If you’re interested in joining the JLB and making a difference in your community, learn more and apply here.

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