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Clifton B. Daniel, CPA


“I have the privilege of working with some really great clients.”

Clifton Daniel, also known as Clif, is an accomplished Shareholder with 19 years of experience delivering exceptional services to a diverse portfolio of clients. Based in the Birmingham office of Borland Benefield, Clifton has been a valuable member of the team for the past ten years.

One of Clif’s favorite parts of his role is the opportunity to work closely with various clients. He thrives on building personal connections and understanding how they operate. By stepping out of the office and engaging in face-to-face conversations with the people behind the numbers, Clif ensures not only accurate audits but also forges meaningful relationships and gains insights into different industries.

Outside of the office, Clif enjoys a variety of hobbies. He loves music, particularly vinyl records, and enjoys podcasts and crime novels. You can also find him enjoying the great outdoors while running, mountain biking and hiking. That’s how he works up an appetite for one of his favorite things, his wife’s cooking.

Clif shows his commitment to his community by focusing on organizations centered around his children. He has volunteered as a soccer coach, contributed to elementary school activities and participated in youth church initiatives.

Originally from Huntsville, Clifton now lives in Vestavia Hills with his wife, Meredith, who works as a substitute teacher. Together, they have two daughters, Mary Louise and Annie. They also have a springer-doodle named Ollie.

Steady. Accurate. Consistent.

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