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Borland Benefield and the Mason Music Fest: Fostering Alabama’s Love for Music

Nonprofits and organizations dedicated to helping their communities have always been important to Borland Benefield. The firm caters to these benevolent entities as a specialty, even creating the Nonprofit Audit Group to serve this sector. One such nonprofit is the Mason Music Foundation, a 501(c)3 created by Borland Benefield’s client, Mason Music. Mason Music is…
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Important New Guidelines for Municipal Audits in Alabama

HB256, also known as the Municipal Audit Clarification Act, details how mayors or city managers of a municipality should audit their municipality’s financial expenditures. Are you aware of this new bill’s requirements? Visit our blog for useful information regarding the new requirements.

Helping Inspire Hope: The Presbyterian Home for Children

The holiday season is a time for hope, and Borland Benefield’s long-time client, the Presbyterian Home for Children has been on a mission of hope for over 150 years. Read our article and learn all about this benevolent organization.

Procedural Issues Every Exempt Organization Should Know About.

The IRS is currently inundated with procedural and technical obstacles that have caused processing delays. Here are some items of note that have been reported by exempt organizations and their service providers.  Announcement 2001-33 Replaced. Nonprofits should be aware that Announcement 2001-33 is no longer applicable, having been revoked by Announcement 2021-18 (2021-52 IRB 910)…
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A Love of Learning.

Dexavia is a shining example of what it means to be a Borland Benefield member, but what makes her who she is? From a shy girl with a journal to the head of a sorority to a Ph.D. student, read about her journey.

Happy to Lend a Helping Hand to Hand in Paw

For 25 years, Hand in Paw has been helping the Birmingham community with animal-assisted therapy programs to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities. We’re happy to call them one of the nonprofit organizations we help with auditing.

Nonprofit Auditing: To Us, It’s a Full-Time Job

While it’s no secret that many accounting firms are stretched to the limit during tax season, what is less known is that many of those same firms fall back on nonprofit accounting and auditing during their slow time. That’s a fact that always bothered Borland Benefield Shareholder Jeffrey Chandler. In fact, it bothered him so…
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