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Are you getting the most out of your taxes or are your taxes getting the most out of you?

We specialize in taking the time to learn about the type of business your family owns as well as developing close working relationships with all family members involved, even if they don’t participate in the everyday operations of the company.

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New tax legislation can affect nearly all Americans every year.

From estate planning to college funds, business filing to personal income tax, the changes have huge implications. Since many of the rules are complex and some temporary, you need Borland Benefield’s personal and family tax planners to help you get the most out of your opportunities to profit.

Borland Benefield offers more services than most small businesses that only specialize in taxes and bookkeeping, and we are more affordable than you might think. When using Borland Benefield for your personal finances and estate planning, you’ll experience the savings we can provide.

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Steady. Accurate. Consistent.

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